Call for Volunteers!!! Barcamp ASEAN 2019

Are you a high-schooler or university students looking for an opportunity to build your personal development journey and contribute back to society? Are you an aspiring youngster looking for your first taste of volunteer experience? Then get your laptop start and tune in to our official facebook page, because Barcamp ASEAN 2019 now is recruiting 20 people to join their volunteer team, also known as the 

As volunteers for Barcamp, you can expect the rides of joy and challenges, as our team will prepare you with training, team buildings and meetings, and setting you up for collaborations. If you are in for a quality of life change, then you may want to take this opportunity seriously.

Some words from organizer might help you delves into what the team is expecting from applicants “I’m not looking for experience, though. I’m more inclined to see if someone is willing to open themselves to learn and have the courage to accept responsibilities.” Mr Samsokrith, long-time serving organizer and volunteer coordinator said. “I also believe in the power of inexperience. I want to see those with no prior records in volunteer step up and join our team. I hope they will be embarking on a journey to self-discovery and explore their core values.” He adds.

The application is opened until 13th of July, which is not that far away from now. The doritos can wait. The ice cream can wait. The long sleep that you plan to do after weeks of exam can wait. Maybe you can watch a few episodes on Netflix to boost some motivations, or read some ThoughtCatalog for some inspiration, but the chance to join the famed Rambo Team is going to get away in no time. 600 words to conquer and you can give yourself back the permission to be the sleeping beauty.

Are you eligible to apply? It is easy. Are you Cambodian? Are you between 15-24 years of age? Are you living in Phnom Penh? If all is yes, then feel free to smash to send button.

Yat Thida, our rookies who began her journey with the team when she was still 11 grader, once said in her application: “how many 10-year there is to life?”. Well, we’re still not able to tell what she means by that but surely, she is growing to be our rising stars and we are looking forward to working more with aspiring youngsters like her. Isn’t it excited?

Apply now

For more info, feel free to check out for more and reach out through our official facebook page: Barcamp Phnom Penh