Barcamp ASEAN aspires to celebrate innovative mind of all background from technology professional, enterprises, innovators, educators, developers, and any student who wishes to get to know their own potential in those related fields they’re doing in university. This is to say they will be able to create their own dialogue with those of whom are professional at them. The 2-day event helps them grow with new knowledge starting with the opening ceremony, keynote speech, hand-on workshop and exhibition on the first day. The second day is for TechTalk, presentation and exhibition.

The participants will be exposed to knowledge and skills of the future, especially when it comes to Industry 4.0. The keypoint is that there will be choices of topics to pick from, and they can make any as they like! Once the participant make their pick, the agenda is (1) they can be the speakers (2) they can be the audience in such a dynamic and inspiring background.

BarCamp ASEAN 2019 is a Tech Startup Ecosystem in Cambodia to promote technology, startups, corporates, investment, and entrepreneurship.

  • There will be 2 stages and 8 session rooms covering various themes ranging from FinTech, TravelTech, EdTech, AriTech, HealthTech, Entertainment (Music, e-Sport, VR, AR), AI, Cloud, Big Data, Blockchain, Startups, Investment, and Woman & Student Showcase.
  • Partnership with ASEAN Tech and Startup Ecosystem and Communities.
  • Partnership with all Tech Ecosystem in Cambodia and Business Associations.
  • Last year we attract over 10K+ participants from 20 countries, 100 speakers and investors.
  • This year we expect to attract 12K+ attendees from across the regions.

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We rely on sponsorship for making BarCamp happen. We’re very flexible and are willing to work with a sponsor to find a solution that works for both parties. From video recording to providing snacks to goodies like t-shirts to great speakers and topics. All of this offer great benefits to attendees and they will help spread the word and providing more exposure for the sponsors as well as about the event.

For sponsorship opportunity and inquiry, please contact us:
Fan page: Barcamp Phnom Penh
Tel: +855 (93) 316 781